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Amaryllis Symphony Single – Gold Medal Bulb


Amaryllis Symphony Single – Gold Medal Bulb

Available: July – Mid December
Plant: September – January
Flower: October – February

1 Bulbs per pack

Light Red Amaryllis flower. They have large blooms of flowers on short stems.

Amaryllis can grow well in most soil conditions including heavy loan soils and sandy soils.
Plant with roots handing into the soil. Plant 10cm apart from each other and ensure that the neck of the bulb is above the soil.

Water well after planting and then leave for 10 days so the bulbs can settle in. Thereafter water every 3 to 4 days.

Feed every 2 weeks with some liquid fertiliser and in May one must stop watering the bulbs. Once the plant goes dormant in winter then you can remove from the pot or garden until planting season again or leave as it but without watering to avoid bulb rot.

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Amaryllis Symphony Single – Gold Medal Bulb

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