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Bougainvillea Purple Robe 10lt


Bougainvillea Purple Robe 10lt

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Bougainvillea ‘Purple Robe’ is a specific and popular cultivar of Bougainvillea known for its striking and rich purple bracts.

Appearance: Bougainvillea ‘Purple Robe’ is admired for its abundance of beautiful purple bracts that surround its small, inconspicuous flowers. The bracts are the main attraction and provide the plant with its eye-catching and vibrant appearance.

Growth habit: ‘Purple Robe’ is a vigorous and fast-growing vine or shrub that can climb and spread over walls, fences, and trellises. It can reach a height of 4.5 to 9m and spread even wider under favourable conditions.

Sun and climate requirements: Like most Bougainvillea varieties, ‘Purple Robe’ thrives in full sun and prefers warm, tropical or subtropical climates. It is not frost-tolerant and should be protected from freezing temperatures.

Watering and soil: Once established, ‘Purple Robe’ is relatively drought-tolerant, but regular watering is required during dry periods, especially in hot weather. It prefers well-draining soil and can struggle in waterlogged or poorly draining soils.

Pruning: Regular pruning is essential to maintain the shape of the plant and encourage continuous blooming. Bougainvilleas bloom on new growth, so pruning after the flowering cycle can help promote more blooms.

Uses: Bougainvillea ‘Purple Robe’ is a popular choice for adding a burst of purple color to gardens, landscapes, and outdoor spaces. Its vivid hues make it an excellent focal point or accent plant in any setting.

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Bougainvillea Purple Robe 10lt

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