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Cunonia Capensis 70lt


Cunonia Capensis 70lt
Common Name: Red Alder, Butterspoon

Full Sun
Moderate Watering

Cunonia capensis, commonly known as the Butterspoon Tree or Red Alder, is a flowering evergreen tree native to South Africa.

The Butterspoon Tree typically grows to a height of around 15 to 25m with a rounded canopy.
Its leaves are leathery, glossy, and have a distinctive spoon-like shape, which contributes to its common name.
The tree produces clusters of small, fragrant flowers that are usually white or cream-colored.
The fruit is a small capsule containing seeds.

Cunonia capensis is often cultivated for ornamental purposes due to its attractive foliage and flowers.
It thrives in well-draining soil and prefers full sun to partial shade.

The Butterspoon Tree is valued for its ornamental qualities and can be used as a shade tree in gardens, parks, and larger landscapes.
Its unique spoon-shaped leaves add visual interest to outdoor spaces.
The tree also has potential as a street tree or in public spaces.

Regular pruning can help maintain the tree’s shape and promote healthy growth.
While it’s relatively low-maintenance, occasional feeding and mulching can benefit its overall health.


Cunonia Capensis 70lt

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