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Dahlia Top Mix – “Red” Bulbs


Dahlia Top Mix – “Red” Bulbs

Available: September – November
Plant: September – Mid December
Flower: End December – March

2 Bulbs per pack

Dahlia requires a well-draining soil, if your gardens soil has too much clay then add some sand and compost to improve its quality. You can apply mulch to the top of the soil to keep the moisture in. The plant prefers heat and enjoys being in the full sun. They can endure shade during midday which will decrease their need for water. When planting, the bulbs must be placed 15 – 40cm apart at a depth of 8cm.

When planting, ensure the tubers are pointed down. Water the plant deeply every three days.

Feed every 2 weeks with some liquid fertiliser and in May one must stop watering the bulbs. Once the plant goes dormant in winter then you can remove from the pot or garden until planting season again or leave as it but without watering to avoid bulb rot.

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Dahlia Top Mix – “Red” Bulbs

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