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Fertiliser Sticks Pack Of 50


Fertiliser Sticks Pack Of 50

All Plants Need Food!

Now with Ferti Stix you can feed your plants for up to 100 days. This easy to us product is a slow releasing plant food stick that will nourish and feed indoor and outdoor plants.

-Push the sticks into the pot plant soil until the are submerged.
-Sticks must be inserted halfway between the plant and the rim of the pot.
-Adhere to quantities as per table below
-Repeat every 3 months

How Does It Work:
Moisture in the soil will extract nutrients from the sticks. The nutrients are slowly released to the plant over a period of 100 days. Over feeding is almost impossible.

Recommended Dosage by pot diameter:
00-05cm : 1
10-15cm : 2
15-20cm : 3
20-25cm : 4
25-30cm : 5

Product Information:
Inorganic Fertiliser – N:P:K 12:3:7
120g/kg Nitrogen
26g/kg Phosphate
72g/kg Potassium

50 Stick Per Pack


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Fertiliser Sticks Pack Of 50

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