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Ficus Natalensis 70lt


Ficus Natalensis 70lt
Common Name: Natal Fig

Full Sun
Wind Tolerant
Drought Tolerant
Moderate Watering

Ficus natalensis, commonly known as the Natal Fig or Sycamore Fig, is a species of fig tree native to various parts of Africa. It belongs to the Ficus genus, which includes a diverse range of plants.

Ficus natalensis is a medium to large-sized tree that can grow to heights of around 15 to 25m or more.
The leaves are simple, alternate, and have a slightly serrated margin. They are usually dark green in colour.
The figs of this species are round and typically green or yellow when ripe. They grow in clusters along the branches.

Ficus natalensis is well-suited to subtropical and tropical climates.
It prefers well-draining soil and can tolerate a variety of soil types.
This tree is often found along riverbanks and in wooded areas in its native habitat.

In its native range, Ficus natalensis provides fruit for wildlife and can have cultural and ecological significance.
The figs are consumed by various animals, including birds and mammals.
In some regions, the leaves are used as fodder for livestock.


Ficus Natalensis 70lt

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