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Gladioli Pink Lady Bulbs


Gladioli Pink Lady Bulbs
Common Name: Sword Lily

Available: August – October
Plant: September – November
Flower: November – March

10 Bulbs per pack

Gladioli look magnificent towards the back of a mixed perennial border. Groups of about 25 look best, although groups of 10 in single colours also make a bold statement. The soil should first be loosened to a depth of 20 cm. Gladioli like a well-drained sandy loam, preferably slightly acidic. Winter- growers need extra drainage and a very high concentration of well- draining sand in the medium.

All Gladioli dislike heavy clay soil with poor drainage. No fresh manure should be added at all. The underside of the corm is the flat side with the “belly-button” indentation. Gladioli need a full-sun position to flower successfully. If your Gladioli are planted where wind may be a problem, they may need staking.


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Gladioli Pink Lady Bulbs

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