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Guanoboost Sprayer Bottle


Guanoboost Sprayer Bottle

The GuanoBoost Sprayer bottle was designed to make YOUR life easier. It is as simple to use as 1-2-3.

1. You fill the container with 1l of Guano fertiliser

You simply fill the container with 1 liter of Guano fertiliser up to the level indicated

2. Attach the hosepipe

Simply attach your hosepipe to the sprayer bottle with a quick coupling connection.

3. Open your Tap

When you open your tap and water starts to flow through the sprayer the force of the water will suck the guanoboost into the sprayer and mix it with the water at the correct ratio and spray over your lawn and plants. 1l of fertiliser will then cover 400m2 of your lawn and garden.

As easy as that!

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Guanoboost Sprayer Bottle

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