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Muscari – Heavenly Blue Bulbs


Muscari – Heavenly Blue

100 bulbs per pack

Muscari is a true bulb and there are 30 species which originated in the Mediterranean and southwestern Asia. Most of these plants have a pleasant scent. They are easy to garden and versatile. They are pot friendly and could be put on a windowsill. At maturity, the plant will reach a height of 20cm.

The soil for Muscari should be rich but well-draining (contain compost). They are best suited to light shade or sun in the morning however, they can stand full sun if given enough moisture. Although full shade will allow the plant to flower, the leaves will elongate.

Before planting the bulb in the garden, loosen the soil to a depth of 20cm. The depth that each bulb should be planted at is 3cm and you should leave about 5cm of space between the bulbs. The lowest temperature that this bulb can tolerate is -20°C.


Muscari can be propagated from offsets by dividing the clumps or from the seeds.

Available: March April May
Plant: April May
Flower: August September

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Muscari – Heavenly Blue Bulbs

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