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Orange Tamarillo 11lt Pot


Orange Tamarillo 11lt Pot

Medium Watering
Full Sun
Afternoon Sun
Needs Protection From Wind
Prune/Trim 2 to 4 Times A Year

Orange tamarillo, also known as “tree tomato” or “Cyphomandra betacea,” is a tropical fruit tree native to South America.

Tree Description
Orange tamarillo trees are small to medium-sized evergreen trees.
They typically grow to a height of 3 to 5 meters (10 to 16 feet).
The tree’s foliage is lush and green, with large, slightly serrated leaves.

The fruit of the orange tamarillo is oval or egg-shaped, similar in appearance to a small tomato.
It comes in various colours, including orange, red, and yellow, depending on the variety.
The fruit has a slightly sweet and tangy flavour, reminiscent of a combination of tomatoes and passion fruit.
The flesh is juicy and contains small, edible seeds.

Growing Conditions
Orange tamarillo trees thrive in subtropical to tropical climates and require warm temperatures for optimal growth.
They prefer well-drained soil with good organic content.
These trees require full sun to produce the best fruit yields.
Adequate water and regular fertilization during the growing season are essential for healthy growth and fruit production.

Cultivation and Care
Plant tamarillo trees in a location protected from strong winds, as they can be susceptible to wind damage.
Prune the tree to maintain its shape and remove dead or diseased branches.
Mulching around the base of the tree helps retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.
Fertilize the tree with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to promote healthy growth and fruit production.
Regularly inspect the tree for pests and diseases, such as aphids or fungal infections, and take appropriate measures to control them.

Tamarillos are typically harvested when they are fully ripe. Ripe fruits should be slightly soft to the touch and have a vibrant colour.
To harvest, twist the fruit gently or cut it from the tree using pruners.
Once harvested, tamarillos can be stored at room temperature until they ripen further, after which they should be refrigerated.

Culinary Uses
Tamarillos can be eaten fresh by scooping out the flesh with a spoon or used in various culinary applications.
They are often used in jams, chutneys, sauces, and desserts.
Tamarillos can also be blended into smoothies or added to fruit salads.
Orange tamarillo trees can be a delightful addition to a tropical or subtropical garden, providing both ornamental value and a source of unique and flavourful fruit.

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Orange Tamarillo 11lt Pot

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