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Raphiolepis Delacourii Dark pink 70lt


Raphiolepis Delacourii Dark pink 70lt

Full Sun
Semi Shade
Wind Tolerant
Low Watering

Raphiolepis is a genus of evergreen shrubs and small trees in the family Rosaceae. The plants in this genus are commonly known as Indian Hawthorns or Yeddo Hawthorns. Raphiolepis species are native to East Asia, including regions in Japan, Korea, and China.

These plants are popular ornamental choices in gardens and landscapes due to their attractive features, including:

Flowers: Raphiolepis plants produce clusters of small, star-shaped flowers in various colours, such as white, pink, or red. The flowers typically have a pleasant fragrance.

Foliage: The foliage of Raphiolepis is usually glossy and evergreen, providing year-round greenery to the landscape.

Berries: After flowering, some Raphiolepis species produce small, dark berries, adding further ornamental interest to the plants.

Size and Shape: Depending on the species and cultivar, Raphiolepis can vary in size from compact shrubs to small trees. They have a rounded or vase-shaped growth habit.

Drought Tolerance: Raphiolepis is generally known for its tolerance to drought conditions, making it suitable for various climates.

Commonly cultivated species and cultivars within the Raphiolepis genus include:

Raphiolepis indica (Indian Hawthorn): One of the most popular species, it has pink or white flowers and is widely used in landscaping.
Raphiolepis umbellata (Yeddo Hawthorn): Another commonly grown species with white or pink flowers and glossy leaves.


Raphiolepis Delacourii Dark pink 70lt

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